Meditation on the One Sent

O Come Emmanuel, Meditation on the Cloud by Day and Pillar of Fire by Night

My Christ Self Loves Me, This I Know

He That Is In Me Is Greater Than He That Is In the World

I AM Alpha and Omega in the White Fire Core of Being

I AM the Violet Flame

Meditation on the Om, We'll Come Home

Take My Hand: Meditation on the Lion, the Man, the Calf and the Flying Eagle

Meditation on the Transfiguration, the Buddha and the Mother of the Buddhas

In the Retreat of Lord Himalaya

The Consciousness of the Little Child

Holiness Unto the Lord

Solstice Meditation on the Buddha

Meditation on Ishvara: Candidates for the Ascension

The Soul in the Manger of the Heart

The Star of Bethlehem: He That Is In Me, Is Greater Than He That Is In the World

Meditation on Lord Maitreya and the Christic Seed

I Will Not Leave Thee O My Lord

Teaching on the Lord Coming into our Temple

In the Hall of Mirrors with Saint Germain

Teaching on the New Jerusalem and Decree for the Transfiguration

My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord

In the Presence of the Atman

Let the Children Come Unto Me

Meditation on the Great Pyramid with Serapis Bey

Removing the Pockets of Darkness within our Consciousness

On the Sponsoring Master Relationship and the Golden Ratio Spiral

Sponsoring Master Clearance on the Twelve Lines of the Clock

Meditation on our Father-Mother God

Meditation on Total Surrender

Meditation on the Divine Mother and the Causal Body

Accepting Our Personal Value and Responsibility

Transcending the negativities and the “I can't” consciousness